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Food Technology Recipes

Follow the recipes below to make delicious food with your family. You may need some support from an adult, especially when using the oven or hobs, which can get very hot. Use the design sheet to plan what you will make each week and the plenary to see what you can remember about your learning.


Each Friday I will set a Food Technology challenge for you to complete over the weekend. Send your photos to Hannah by Monday 3pm each week for a chance to win! Watch the videos of Hannah completing the challenges!




During Design Technology week the classes took part in activities relating to Christmas. They practised and consolidated skills such as cutting, sticking, modelling, designing and evaluating Christmas crafts. In Food Technology they also participated in another successful Great Amwell View Christmas Bake off where they had the responsibility of designing and making a Christmas themed bake. Pupils baked gingerbread men, Christmas cakes, mince pies and reindeer cupcakes. They practised weighing, pouring, stirring and cutting. As always the atmosphere in the hall when classes were smelling, exploring and tasting was full of energy and excitement. Pupils were able to vote for the bakes they liked and disliked. Class 6 won for Lower school and Class 12 for Upper school..

The focus of Sensory Week this year was Italy, the Design Technology team worked together with other subject leaders to create a real ambience of Italy. Children could taste ingredients for pizzas and order a ‘Takeaway’ which Class 9 proceeded to make in one morning. The children designed and decorated their own pizza boxes, each an individualised box for each class. This was a great success and we are planning on working collaboratively with other subjects next year for Sensory Week..

Classes have visited Frogmore Paper Mill to see how paper is made, Pizza Express to create their own pizzas and Mill Green Mill to see how flour is made. As the outings have been so successful this year, I look forward to helping classes plan exciting outings relating to Design Technology next year.

Please click on the images below for more Food Technology Recipes and Instructions:


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