Maths Challenge – Time

We would like to invite you to take part in a Maths challenge. The challenge is to complete a race, exercise or walk within a time frame. Alternatively you may want to explore a timer and challenge yourself to complete an activity as quick as possible.

  1. Timed balance with Abbey
  2. Timed Star Jumps with Kate
  3. Timed race with Abbey


Maths Challenge – Position

We would like to invite you to take part in a Maths challenge. The challenge is to choose your favourite toy and place it in different positions around your home or garden by following a simple instruction, for example: “Put your teddy on the chair”.

Active Maths

It’s great to get your body moving when learning, here are some active Maths activity ideas.


  1. Sequencing
  2. Shape hunt
  3. Please use the resources you can find at home
  4. Please use the resources you can find at home
  5. Colour
  6. Investigate


Creative Maths

Let’s make Maths hands on and messy, here are some creative Maths activity ideas.

Life Skills Maths

Here are some Maths activity ideas for lifelong learning.

Sensory Maths

Explore materials and engage the senses, here are some sensory bottle Maths activity ideas.

Challenges – Colour

Pupils have continued to enjoy a wide range of resources when learning about Geometry, Measurement and Number through Maths. All classes have access to various materials to use during their lessons and new resources have been purchased to broaden the range that we can offer.

This year, Maths week focused on Money and was a great success. Pupils enjoyed visiting the school charity shop to purchase a chosen item. Pupils had the opportunity to match, sort, explore and exchange money in a variety of contexts. Classes explored Money during lessons playing shops and exploring role play activities to encourage money exchange and learning opportunities of giving and selling items.

Teachers use the wider environment to teach Maths and use a variety of different approaches to learning. The Dell, Food Technology, adventure playground and the large playground are frequently used to explore a range of topics.


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