This year’s whole school sensory events have included ‘Museu d’Italia’, St Patrick’s Day and St George’s Day when the children enjoyed experiencing and exploring topic related sensory materials and effects in the sensory studio.

Our Magic Carpet projects interactive apps onto the floor so that pupils can engage by moving on or over the projected images. This year we have received an excellent upgrade to the Magic Carpet which now includes 400 apps and the facility to custom make our own apps using images and sounds which we know our pupils will respond to.

Eye Gaze is a computer access method whereby something happens on the screen when a pupil looks at it. Where a pupil is not able to easily reach out to touch a screen or to press a switch in order to activate a visual effect, Eye Gaze, together with a variety of simple apps, offers a wonderful opportunity for them to control visual effects. The computer apps enable the pupil’s attention to be caught and then their understanding of cause and effect developed and reinforced. We have upgraded our Eye Gaze resources and 3 pupils are now able to use Eye Gaze technology to demonstrate choices and for early communication in the classroom setting.


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