The Governors have adopted the LEA school-based Complaints Procedure (The Education Act 2002). The arrangements cover any matters that the school has a duty to deal with internally. These matters include such issues as complaints about the behaviour of a pupil or pupils towards another pupil; complaints about an individual member of staff’s action towards a parent or pupil; complaints about internal school organisation. The procedure for complaint falls into three stages: –

Stage 1: Where disagreements are discussed informally
Stage 2: Formal complaint to the Governing Body of a school
Stage 3: Formal complaint to the LEA via Conciliation, Advice and
Appeals Unit (Tel. 01992 588542)

A complaint may also be taken further to the Secretary of State for Education skills at Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT.
If parents are concerned about anything please contact the Head Teacher so that the matter can be resolved at the informal stage.

(This information has been provided by the Conciliation, Advice and Appeal Service. A copy of the document may be obtained from school or the Education Department, County Hall, Hertford.)



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Mrs J. S. Liversage B. ED., Dip., B. Phil. (MSI)