Discipline and Behaviour

Good behaviour is encouraged and reinforced by praise or reward as appropriate. In consultation with parents, guidance may be sought from a psychiatrist or educational psychologist when special problems arise. For pupils with persistent challenging behaviour a behaviour management plan is drawn up (in consultation with parents/guardian) and communicated to all staff, to ensure consistency of approach. Meeting the needs of pupils with challenging behaviour is a priority at Amwell View School and staff are only too willing to discuss and advise on the use of strategies to affect behaviour.

Physical Constraint

The physical restraint of a pupil is occasionally necessary in order to maintain safety standards and protect other pupils and staff. Such procedures are in writing and with the knowledge and agreement of the parents. In accordance with the County Guidelines pupils will be restrained to protect the well being of themselves and others. e.g. It is acceptable to (i) stop a pupil running into on-coming traffic, in the road and (ii) take steps to stop one pupil attacking another pupil. (See the school’s Behaviour Management Policy).



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