The aim of our homework policy  is to promote learning beyond the school day as an essential part of good education. We believe that homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also helps children and young people to develop skills and attitudes that they need for successful lifelong learning. It should support the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of enquiry and investigation, and it should help to foster the role of parents and carers as co-educators of their children.

The policy refers to commitments made in the home-school agreement, and also relates to the curriculum policy, the teaching and learning policy and to the policy for assessment, recording and reporting.

The Head teacher will ensure that homework is:
• appropriate to the age, ability and circumstances of the pupils, taking into account special educational needs
• coordinated in order to be manageable for children and parents

Teachers will ensure that:
• tasks are differentiated and well structured
• pupils understand the purpose of the homework tasks
• it is clear to parents and pupils how their homework consolidates and extends the work they are doing in school.

Parents will encourage and monitor homework and inform their child’s teacher if an issue arises.


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Mrs J. S. Liversage B. ED., Dip., B. Phil. (MSI)