All pupils attending Amwell View School and Specialist Sports College have an Educational Health Care Plan focusing on the areas of their individual learning outcomes and those pupils on the autism spectrum have specifics of the triad addressed. The current number of pupils on roll at Amwell View is 144, 79 of those have a diagnosis of autism. The teaching staff work together with specialists and parents to break individual outcomes down into small achievable steps, thus aiming for pupils to gain a good foundation for learning with understanding.

Amwell View recognises that pupils with a diagnosis of autism require a specialist approach and the curriculum and the delivery of lessons reflect this. The staff work together with specialist input to optimise developing pupil understanding and promote independence. The following headings list the specific areas where the school have addressed autism related needs and incorporated them into the individual and the whole school structure:-

• Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and further education
• On-site access to specialist therapies (OT, physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapy)
• Broad and relevant curriculum
• Assessment and attainment
• Challenging behaviour and anxiety
• Partnership with parents and families
• Voice of the pupil with autism
• Educational interventions
• Outreach support

Autism strategies and activities provide benefits for all pupils attending Amwell View School. Expectations of pupil behaviour and application to learning are high within the context of individual abilities as are the sensory needs of the pupils. Staff members at Amwell View have a good knowledge of the pupils and an understanding of the ways in which pupils with a diagnosis of ASD process information and how to keep them motivated and engaged in learning opportunities.

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