We offer a wide variety of Lunchtime and Afterschool Clubs. Clubs provide fun engaging learning and social experiences using familiar sensory, communication and behaviour strategies that support pupil engagement.


Easter and Summer Holiday Clubs

The holiday clubs are funded through the school budget share. The Governing Body has agreed each year to allocate sufficient funds for the purpose of running a programme. Whilst you are asked to pay £10 or £15.00 per day towards the cost of the club (depending on which holiday club) it in no way covers the true cost. The budget allocated is £17,000, which means that each place costs £288.13, organised events and the employment of all staff.  As many of you know I am committed to providing this service to the families of the school and therefore trust that it is appreciated and valued. Although I am rather shy to explain this to you I am told that I need to share with you that I volunteer to oversee the Holiday club and therefore do not add to the cost involved in running the Club. This Year Jane Connolly and Neil Ward shared this responsibility with me.

It is important that we keep this opportunity open for the pupils at the school and I feel confident that we will allocate sufficient funds from the school budget share next year to support the continued provision. The club has the full backing of the Governing Body and my 100% commitment.

Jan Liversage

To find out when Holiday Clubs are taking place during the Easter and Summer holiday periods please look at the calendar on the home page or check with the school office.

Please see holiday club reports – click on the link below:

Summer Club Report 2018


Lunch Time Clubs

Happy Feet Dance Club
Sensory Club

Boccia Club
Signing Club
Sensory Club

Choir Club
Sensory Club

Trampolining Club
Tiny Toes Dance Club
Music Technology Club
Sensory Club

Aqua Beat Club
Live Lounge Club
Sensory Club

After School Clubs

Rock Club (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm
Community Swim School (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm (invitation only)
Junior Swimming Club (Lower School) 3.30-4.45pm
Little Professors Club (Lower School) 3.30-4.45pm

Cooking Club (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm
Junior Games Club (Lower School) 3.30-4.45pm

Sensory Club (Lower School) 3.30-4.45pm
Junior Rock Club (Lower School) 3.30-4.45pm
Dance Club (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm
Wednesday Workouts (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm

Junior Dance Club (Lower School) 3:30 – 4:45pm
Football Club (Upper School) 3.30-5.00pm


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Mrs J. S. Liversage B. ED., Dip., B. Phil. (MSI)